hello…thinking of you…bon voyage…?

hello…thinking of you…bon voyage…?

Hello from the Make Shoppe! Tutu needs your help! What type of occasion or event should this card be for? Hello, Get Well,  Bon Voyage, With Sympathy, House Warming, Thinking of you or maybe any of the above?  This card idea is so simple and can easily be used for any occasion. I always make more than one just to keep on hand. Let’s get started…

What you’ll need:
~ Tree Punches
~ Ink Colors
~Scrap Paper
~Card Stock as your card base
~Craft or Cosmetic Sponges

Let’s practice…


Using scrap paper, punch out the tree shapes

Use the punched page as your stencil

Use the sponge to absorb the ink and blot over the stencil

Repeat with differently colored inks

Experiment with stamp placement


Now that you’re comfortable try this on a real piece of card stock and create your card!

From me to you…




  1. I would use it as a family reunion invitation

  2. I can’t believe I never thought of using stamp outs to make stencils. What a good idea. Goodness I would use this for any occasion. Especially a birthday card for my dad – he loves trees and is not at all interested in silly birthday cards! Love the one green tree.

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