Meatless Monday – Part II

Meatless Monday – Part II

Hi folks and welcome to Beans and Veggies Part II. To the folks that are just joining us I’m sure that read a bit strange, right? Well, just to update you, yesterday was Meatless Monday and I shared my Crock Pot Beans and Veggie Soup recipe. Today, I’m extending the meal to a second night making it part II…with some changes.

So, I’ve re-heated my soup in a large pot and added a few new ingredients to change things up a bit. My additions are: Yams that have been washed, peeled and cut into chunks, more tomatoes and broth and some all spice seasoning. Yesterday’s soup flavors were dynamite but for today, I think the all spice would really liven it up and compliment the yams. Simply just throw in your new additions and heat until the yams chunks are soft. This only takes about 20 mins.





  1. Awesome. There’s a meatless monday at our workplace too and I might just have to propose this recipe. It looks very nice.

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