i’m a baby panda and i love you…

i’m a baby panda and i love you…

Meet Tinker and Sasha, the newest members of the Make Shoppe characters! These original illustrations were done by an extremely talented 3D artist,  Chris Weeks. Chris is also the creator of me, Tutu and all my Make Shoppe side kicks. Yes…even Goofy Maple who hasn’t managed to make a mess in months now. But just wait…it’s coming…
I encourage you visit Chris’s site filled with all other types of animated artistic developments!


Tinker is a baby Panda and Sasha is a baby Fox. Together they will appear on cards, stationary or wherever their cute little faces can go!

Here is my first project with them:

You can also find these animal babes on Etsy!




  1. How adorable!!

  2. Gosh!! You’re are soooo creative and I’m soooo jealous 🙂
    Gotta love the panda!

    Take care
    Consultant Style Advisor

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