The Entranced Fairy & Her Night Time Garden

The Entranced Fairy & Her Night Time Garden

Recently, I visited the beautiful and well known Laguna Beach and couldn’t help but to snap a few shots as I strolled through. I haven’t yet mastered taking pictures at night so I figured this would be a great opportunity.

So, I stumbled upon this teeny tiny garden. Oh, it was so thrilling and spooky at the same time as I walked through this enchanted little place hoping not to disturb any creatures along the way. Although I’m not an expert on plant life I’m pretty sure I came across Wisteria (un bloomed), green adventurine rock, different types of garden herbs, and other really pretty plant foliage.

Ok, lets take the tour around this charmed little garden…

A little creepy, huh? Just in time for Halloween!

Thanks for coming along…




  1. Great pictures! I was not in such a good mood. But seeing your picturs of natural beauty has perked me up! Plus, I love the fairy!

  2. Oh wow those look very nice.
    The rose and the little fairy are my favorite photos.

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