Holiday Bling-Bling!

Holiday Bling-Bling!


We’re gettin’ ready for the holidays here in the Make Shoppe. My latest project has been designing some dazzling and attractive “Holiday Bling!” The particular bracelet featured is made up of high-end Swarovski crystals and gold filled rondells (which are the blingy spacers between the crystals).

These super easy glide on style bracelets are the perfect gift and definitely take the guess-work out of deciding what size to buy. If you or anyone you know is interested in knowing more about these please don’t hesitate to contact me through my Etsy Shop. Also, custom sizes and color combos are available!

Here is a sampling of some others…



  1. This is wonderful. I’ll get mine for the holidays!

  2. mariannestellar says:

    These are perfect gifts, very beautiful and reasonable, I’m sure a retail store would charge twice the amount for a lesser quality.and not have the handmade craftsmanship as these items.!

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