Hand-Crafted Fairy Dolls

Hand-Crafted Fairy Dolls

Hi all!

I’m really excited about sharing my latest obsession with you! These fairy dolls are so fun to make and as you can see are just absolutely too cute. I was shown a similar technique by a friend and although it worked well for her…I just couldn’t quite get it as nice and balanced as she did. Then again, she’s been doing her dolls a lot longer than I have so she’s developed a skilled hand.

So this project although really fun, takes patience and quite a few components.  I headed down to the craft store and got all the items needed which include: a variety of wooden doll parts, paints, glitter, glue gun, glue sticks, moss, wire, and florals for the doll skirts. Skipping right over the boring stuff…my absolute favorite part of this project was picking out the various floral and leaf accents for the doll’s skirt. There are so many different flowers to use and colors to choose from!  For my first project I had some home decor potpourri balls lying around so I decided to make little Island dolls. I named my girls “Maui,” and “Lahina,”…i know…so appropriate! For my 3rd doll I decided to do a floral skirt made from synthetic autumn colored leaves. For obvious reasons…I really love this look the best! Meet “Fiona,” she’s my fall fairy doll.

For my next project, I’ll be making some Christmas and New Years themed fairies so make sure to visit me again soon!

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  1. These are wonderful ornaments for the Christmas tree!

  2. How cute are these!

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