The Fairy Community Grows…

The Fairy Community Grows…

Hey Friends!

Meet “Sugar” who is the newest addition of the Make Shoppe Fairy community and just born a week ago! Along with Sugar comes her mother “Chloe.”  They are slightly different from the previous fairies, Fiona, Maui and Lahina. Both Chole and Sugar are intended to be limited edition “winterland fairies,” created just for the holidays. You can do so many things with these fairies like use them as beautiful decor for a holiday table or even as tree ornaments! Just place them anywhere in your home for an instant uplift! I plan to create as many fairies as I can…all with unique traits including a Christmas themed fairy with the traditional red poinsettia floral dress. Can’t wait to show her off!

Here are some great shots of Chloe and Sugar (also avail on Etsy)

Thanks for stopping by! Visit again soon to see the newer additions!




  1. Tinkerbell is going to get her wings ruffled!

  2. These are very nice, and perfect to ornament the home during the Christmas season.

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