Meet, Merrina!

Meet, Merrina!

The Make Shoppe welcomes, Merrina!

Just like all the other fairies previous to her, Merrina is made up of tiny natural wooden parts for her body that have been sugared with aqua/blue glitter and accented with glittery blue pieces for her sleeves and wings. A blue coiled crown sits atop her head as she rules her little wonderland world! Her eyes are hand painted and cheeks dusted with a light rose tint. Her beautiful dress is an arrangement of aqua + blue poinsettia floral petals! If you like peacock colors…she’s a perfect fit! She’s very tiny (about 4.5″) but so colorful she would brighten up the area she’s placed in.

Merrina and all the other Make Shoppe Fairy Dolls are perfect as gifts and can be personalized!  Please send me a message or visit Etsy if you’re interested in placing and order. Other colors also available!


Ideas for usage:

– Holiday gifts
– Tree ornament
– As part of a holiday table center piece
– China cabinet display
– Dessert table decor
Thanks for stopping by!

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