Introducing the most glorious Fairy Godmother, Gloria.

During the making of each fairy, I often think about what names I’ll give them. Sometimes the names will come easy like for example when I made Basil. She has a very bright spring green color to her and just reminded me of all the pretty greens of a herb garden.

For Gloria, she was inspired by the Christmas Song “Gloria.” As I designed her I was listening to that song performed by the untouchable Patti Labelle. If you haven’t heard this rendition…this must be the very next thing you do after reading this post!

Gloria is timeless and beautiful just like the song and you can find her along with many others on, ETSY!

Happy Holidays and many more fairies to come!


Gloria#3 Gloria#2 Gloria#1 Gloria#4



  1. Very nice. The hair style is similar to Patti LaBelle’s!

  2. Lovely, Gloria is adorable, and to name her after a musical tribute to the famous singer gives her even more character! Bravo!

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