Game Day Goodies!

Game Day Goodies!

Here at the Make Shoppe we take game day very seriously. While some are glued to the TV and yelling obscene profanities, others are fascinated with whats cookin’ in the kitchen!

In the beginning, before The Make Shoppe started I scoured the internet for recipe inspiration, stumbled across Closet Cooking and drooled over one of Kevin’s appetizers called, Pizza Dip. As you can see he has lots of other goodies to share so I bookmarked his page and visit frequently.

His recipe is well explained and pretty straight forward also with mentioning to add any other toppings to the dip of your choice. Me? I like sweet and savory so I sprinkled a few pineapple chunks on top and OH was this heavenly! I served it with crunchy buttered-garlic french bread slices.

So if you’re having company or going to a game party elsewhere, make this dip and watch it disappear in seconds!



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