Heloise…with a silent H

Heloise…with a silent H

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from crafting and cooking. That’s why I love the Tutu Clix Pix section of my blog. It allows me to capture certain special moments to share with you.

So with that being said…meet Heloise, with a silent H! She’s taken a small break from running the Make Shoppe household and has allowed me to snap a few pictures of her.


Facts about me (Heloise):

– I’m cute.
– About 10 years old.
– My eyes aren’t just green, they’re “advocado green.”
– I have my own cartoon card set, modeled after…me!
– I’m extremely conscientious.
– I’m a Korat.
– I love to snuggle.
– I have a brother, Skylar.
– When I want some attention, I sometimes bite. (lovingly of course)







Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Hello and Happy Post Thanksgiving!

I finally managed to take sometime off from fairy making in the Make Shoppe to visit family in Portland, Or.

Dora, the explora, (cat in featured post) was a very gracious host and she kept us plenty entertained during our visit. She also will give us the tour of her home with plenty of unique and interesting finds. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday with family and friends!

and just how many photos do you plan to take…?

and just how many photos do you plan to take…?

Hey Friends! During my downtime I like to sharpen my photography skills. I really don’t plan to become an expert but I do find joy in taking a good picture. I believe when there’s a really good picture…sometimes words just aren’t neccessary.  So today I’m practicing with Skylar- he’s THRILLED. He may be slightly annoyed (cough) but he’s a good subject because his fur adds good texture and he’s lazy so he doesn’t usually run off. As for Heloise…that’s another story.

I-N-T-R-O-D-U-C-I-N-G   ***  S-K-Y-L-A-R !