Cinco de Salsa

Cinco de Salsa

Hey All!

Today we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some Cinco de Salsa. About a year ago I posted this salsa recipe and forgot all about it until today. Super fresh, super healthy- easy Mango Salsa with only 5 ingredients. 5….as in cinco…. ok, you get it…

5 ingredients you’ll need:
White or Red onion (diced)
Green Onion (diced)
Handful of Cilantro (coarsely chopped)
4-5 Tomatoes (diced)
2-3 Mangos (diced)

Put it together:
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and lightly hand toss. Squeeze a little lime juice on the top if you’d like some additional flavor. Serve in a white dish to make the color pop along with some colorful tortilla chips!

Happy Cinco De Mayo from The Make Shoppe!