The Entranced Fairy & Her Night Time Garden

The Entranced Fairy & Her Night Time Garden

Recently, I visited the beautiful and well known Laguna Beach and couldn’t help but to snap a few shots as I strolled through. I haven’t yet mastered taking pictures at night so I figured this would be a great opportunity.

So, I stumbled upon this teeny tiny garden. Oh, it was so thrilling and spooky at the same time as I walked through this enchanted little place hoping not to disturb any creatures along the way. Although I’m not an expert on plant life I’m pretty sure I came across Wisteria (un bloomed), green adventurine rock, different types of garden herbs, and other really pretty plant foliage.

Ok, lets take the tour around this charmed little garden…

A little creepy, huh? Just in time for Halloween!

Thanks for coming along…


My Perfectly Crooked Early Autumn Cake

My Perfectly Crooked Early Autumn Cake

Don’t you just love working with gooey materials when it’s 100 degrees + outside? Yeah…me too…

Today, I just thought, well hmm, I haven’t baked or cooked in awhile so I’ll make a cake! And I almost blamed this partial disaster on Maple… but really…it was just a bad day to frost a cake…

As you can see below it wasn’t a total disaster. I slide the cake into place to take better photos but before-hand it was a real leaning tower of CAKE!  I must add if were serving this cake to company…I’d probably start over but that’s just me. If you’d like to know how to properly frost a cake…see the steps I took below…just choose to do it on a cooler day!!

*helpful note* Make sure your cakes are completely cooled. If not, you will pick up crumbs from the cake while you frost. You may also chill your cakes in the freezer before you start!

Step#1- Prepare cake according to box mix directions to make 2 round cakes. Choose any cake mix you’d like or spice cake for an autumn flavor!

Step#2 & #3- Take a bread knife and slice off a thin layer of the top of the cake. Do the same for both cake tops.

Step #4- Smear a small amount of the frosting on your cake plate. This is to hold it in place.

Step#5-Place one of the cakes upside down onto the cake plate. Again, you are going to place the freshly cut side down leaving the flat side of the cake, up.

Step#6 & #7- Smear a nice amount of the frosting on the top of the cake. This doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to cover the top.

Step#8- This is a repeat of step #5. Place the second cake on top of the first cake. Again, freshly cut side down.

Step#9, #10, #11- Generously smear the rest of the frosting on the top, edges and sides of your cake. *Note* Work in small batches with plenty of frosting so you don’t have any thin spots.

Step#12- ENJOY!

From me to you…