Ants on a Log, a Childhood Favorite

Ants on a Log, a Childhood Favorite

Today I was thinking about recipes from my childhood. I recall experiencing hot summer days in SoCal and craving cooler foods.  Just like me, I’m sure everyone remembers “ants on a log,” from their childhood. The crunch of the celery combined with soft peanut butter is such a tasty combination and putting the raisins on top was my favorite part!



So now that I’ve been focusing on better foods to eat and serve my family it is becoming easier and easier to do. Celery, perfect because it contains water and it’s a veggie. Peanut butter, although high in fat, it’s a MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acid) which burns fat as the right amount is consumed! WHAT!?!


Now, while I was making these I did come across one problem and that was getting the peanut butter in the celery boat, NEATLY! Before I got the bright idea to use my frosting decorator (yes, i’m big on presentation) these boats looked like a hot mess! But, not anymore!