Bird House Bonanza!

Bird House Bonanza!

Hey all!

This weekend I visited the very beautiful and well-known Laguna Beach. I was walking in one of the neighborhoods and stumbled across this jungle like house with all of these unique and crazy birdhouses. So what did I do? That’s right, I pulled out my camera and started snapping away. I hope the owner and the  neighbors didn’t mind but if they did…well kinda too late, right?
I counted over 50 little birdhouses but I was only able to capture a few. Each house had cute little tchotchkes character decorations. It seems like whoever walks by can just add a little toy of their own. Hmm, too bad I was fresh out of little Tutu’s!

Vote or your favorite bird house!


Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Hello and Happy Post Thanksgiving!

I finally managed to take sometime off from fairy making in the Make Shoppe to visit family in Portland, Or.

Dora, the explora, (cat in featured post) was a very gracious host and she kept us plenty entertained during our visit. She also will give us the tour of her home with plenty of unique and interesting finds. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday with family and friends!

Tutu Clix Nature Pix

Tutu Clix Nature Pix

What do you see?

Greens in the Distance

White Blooms

Thanks for posing, little squirrel

The trees in the breeze

It’s Lizzy on land!

Nature welcomes you…


Bountiful Bougainvillea and The Green Tape

Bountiful Bougainvillea and The Green Tape

Hello green thumbs! Are you ready for summer? I have a wonderful and easy idea for you in your garden with bougainvillea.
These crawling climbers are so pretty and when trained to grow against a lattice they provide shade!
You will need: A sunny spot in your garden with a lattice or trellis for growing, bougainvillea plants, pretty pots, potting soil and green gardening tape.

Step #1-Simply plant your bougainvillea in its pot.

Step#2-Position the pot near the lattice wood

Step #3-Tie the plant to the wood with the gardening tape

(The point of using the green tape is because the tape stretches and moves along with the plant as it grows)
Don’t forget to water your plants about every other day!

Knowing is Growing!