and just how many photos do you plan to take…?

and just how many photos do you plan to take…?

Hey Friends! During my downtime I like to sharpen my photography skills. I really don’t plan to become an expert but I do find joy in taking a good picture. I believe when there’s a really good picture…sometimes words just aren’t neccessary.  So today I’m practicing with Skylar- he’s THRILLED. He may be slightly annoyed (cough) but he’s a good subject because his fur adds good texture and he’s lazy so he doesn’t usually run off. As for Heloise…that’s another story.

I-N-T-R-O-D-U-C-I-N-G   ***  S-K-Y-L-A-R !

The Paw Print Pussycat

The Paw Print Pussycat

Well crafters, whenever there is a project goof you just might be able to turn it into something wonderful.
Meet Heloise; I’ve nicknamed her “the card making cat.”


I’m innocent…


Today in the Make Shoppe she decided to play “step in the ink,” and then walked all over my card stock papers.  How did she know she was creating something so beautiful?
I realized I could make a greeting card out of this, and then I imagined what a cute Father’s Day card it could be!

To the Greatest “PAW” in the World…

From me (and Heloise) to you…


P.S. Have a clever message? Tell Tutu what you would do!