Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Thanksgiving Day in Portland

Hello and Happy Post Thanksgiving!

I finally managed to take sometime off from fairy making in the Make Shoppe to visit family in Portland, Or.

Dora, the explora, (cat in featured post) was a very gracious host and she kept us plenty entertained during our visit. She also will give us the tour of her home with plenty of unique and interesting finds. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday with family and friends!

Fall Inspired Cake and Dessert Toppers

Fall Inspired Cake and Dessert Toppers

Hey All!

So I was browsing around online trying to find get inspired to do some more crafts. I’ve made plenty of cards, scrapbooks and other crafty things but just needed something different this time to fill my curiosity.

Taking on elaborate and difficult projects are really fun but alot of the time to have to own all the equipment. That get’s pricey! I came across some pictures of crafty dessert and cake topper decor and thought i’d be nice to make some of my own. And now with Fall right around the corner I thought I should get a head start.
These Fall Inspired Dessert Toppers were very easy and more importantly…I had all the stuff. The designs and possibilities are endless so I highly encourage everyone to try this. Super fun!

Here are some helpful items you’ll need:

Circular Craft Punch
Fall Tree Craft Punch
Wilton Cookie or Lollipop Sticks
Double-Sided Craft Tape
An Assortment of Fall colored card stock
Optional Ribbon

The assembly is pretty self explanatory but I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions! Oh! And don’t forget you can find me (and these) on Etsy