Meet the Staff

Hi Friends,

As you know, I’m quite busy in my Make Shoppe cooking, baking, crafting, and sharing projects with you. Doing all this takes time and lots of patience and little ol’ me can’t possibly do it all alone. So, say hello to some of my Make Shoppe helpers!

As you will see, some are more helpful than others…


Meet Maple! She’s a dear friend and loves to help out but she is really clumsy. Whenever there’s a mess in the Make Shoppe we’re always saying… “THERE’S A MOOSE ON THE LOOSE!”   Of course she’ll always claim her innocence…  

Hi, I’m Maple. Also known as “That Darn Moose.” And whenever there is a disaster somewhere in The Make Shoppe…I’m always to blame! What gives…?

Talk to Tutu

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