Ants on a Log, a Childhood Favorite

Ants on a Log, a Childhood Favorite

Today I was thinking about recipes from my childhood. I recall experiencing hot summer days in SoCal and craving cooler foods.  Just like me, I’m sure everyone remembers “ants on a log,” from their childhood. The crunch of the celery combined with soft peanut butter is such a tasty combination and putting the raisins on top was my favorite part!



So now that I’ve been focusing on better foods to eat and serve my family it is becoming easier and easier to do. Celery, perfect because it contains water and it’s a veggie. Peanut butter, although high in fat, it’s a MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acid) which burns fat as the right amount is consumed! WHAT!?!


Now, while I was making these I did come across one problem and that was getting the peanut butter in the celery boat, NEATLY! Before I got the bright idea to use my frosting decorator (yes, i’m big on presentation) these boats looked like a hot mess! But, not anymore!




Healthy Spinach & Egg White Frittata

Healthy Spinach & Egg White Frittata

Hey All!

So, I recently adopted a healthier way of eating and cooking and so far it has paid off! I feel alot better and I’m eager to continue finding really good tasting recipes to support that. With that being said I came across a really inspiring food blog called The Novice Chef.


This morning for some reason I woke up in the mood for brunch….at 8:00am. So as I surfed the web I found a perfect Frittata recipe on this blog which was exactly what I wanted and the foodgraphy (food photography) was very pretty and inviting. Jessica even lists the amount of calories, carbs, protein and weight watchers points.


Egg whites, spinach, onions tomatoes and even feta cheese! Make sure you visit her site for the full recipe. Enjoy!

Easter Sunday in the Garden

Easter Sunday in the Garden

Hello! This year we celebrated Easter a little less than traditional by having it in a quaint little garden. What a beautiful day it was for family, food and an Easter egg hunt! Easter is one of my favorite holidays simply because all of the gorgeous colors that come out in the Spring time. Colorful eggs, sprouting plans and giggles from the kids really made this holiday! I Couldn’t wait to share all the great photos I took so here they are…